On the battle fields of fragrances, Irrelevant is a parfum that will pull your senses into a tug of war using sweet almond, lime, and mandarin orange to combat the lasting effect of caramel and vanilla. 

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Irrelevant symbolizes the determination needed to achieve greatness through endless effort.


Originally, Irrelevant was spoken to tear down. Irrelevant is a unisex fragrance that will be used to build confidence and self acceptance.

Never let anyone determine your value.

You define your existence.

You determine your relevance. 

Walk in your greatness knowing you are relevant. 

The name Nivrad Fragrances was a suggestion from Joseph Webster III during a friendly cousin roasting session. JoJo’s loving intentions suggested the name of my company highlight colognes and perfumes. Jojo said he had a name that was haute. He spoke the words, Nivrad Fragrances. Instantly without hesitation, the decision was made to use the name Nivrad Fragrances; the name stands for the biggest inspiration, my son Darvin.

About the Founder

As Bahamian decent, Debraca wanted to create fragrances that would encompass memories of love and self-acceptance.

In 2019, Debraca had a dream that she believed meant a fragrance needed to be created as a tribute to her uncle Charles Beneby.
Uncle Charles encouraged Debraca to overcome her fears of parenthood, financial instability, and heart break to become the God-fearing powerhouse of blessings she is today.
As a show of respect, after a few years of production, the name Beneby was retired which led to the introduction of Irrelevant.

Who are

Debraca volunteers to feed the homeless and food insecure in her community of Tampa, Florida. She can be found volunteering all over Hillsborough and Pinellas County with the Black Excellence Summit, the Tampa Black Ladies 50+ Krew, Trinity Cafe, and Urban Chapel Church.
Internationally, Debraca has volunteered with Philadelphia Missions Children (PMC Haiti). Her true calling of being a vessel of information, example of love, and testament of hope.

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